It is important that both internal assessment and external moderation processes are an objective, fair and reliable means of measuring achievement across candidates and centres. To this aim GCE and GCSE Art & Design candidates should be marked according to the extent to which they have addressed each of the Assessment Objectives specified within each qualification. Therefore, we recommend the utilisation of the WJEC Pupil Friendly Checklist and Mark Schemes when conducting internal assessment.
These documents are available to download here, and on the WJEC website and can support the assessment process by helping you to understand the criteria and match up the descriptors in the mark scheme to your pupil’s performance at each AO. Once the correct box or band in the Mark Scheme has been determined you can decide whether the score is high, middle or low within that band and total up each Assessment Objective mark to achieve a total mark. The simplified ‘Pupil-friendly Checklist’ version of the Assessment Objectives is also a valuable aid to Internal Self and Peer Assessments. Teachers have informed us that this document is particularly useful as a means of encouraging candidate familiarity and indeed engagement with the criteria for success.

Mark Schemes / Descriptors

Checklist for Teachers

Assessment Criteria Tables