Art & design advocacy

The range of art, craft and design has expanded in recent years to embrace an unprecedented range of specialisms and skills, including a growing number of careers where the latest digital technology is used to augment traditional skills.

The creative industries, which include the visual arts, crafts and design, are a British success story. In 2013 one in twelve jobs in the United Kingdom were in the creative economy – 2.62 million people. The sector grew by 66 thousand jobs between 2012 and 2013, a higher rate than for the UK economy as a whole. Between 1997 and 2013, employment in the creative economy increased from 1.81m jobs to 2.62m jobs – roughly a four times greater increase than in the economy as a whole.


Advocate in Focus

Ken Robinson is a powerful advocate for Art, Craft and Design education and you will find a variety of interesting, informative and inspiring articles, videos and pod casts on his website.


Why Study Art & Design?

Studying Art, Craft & Design provides an entry to an unprecedented range of specialisms, skills – both traditional and digital – and careers.

You can download this poster for your Year 9 Options Evenings.