Eduqas AS/A Level Art & Design

The specifications for the AS Art and Design and  A Level Art and Design for teaching from 2015 have been designed to provide engaging and innovative creative learning experiences, where art, craft and design practice is meaningfully integrated with theoretical knowledge and understanding.

This specification provides learners with opportunities to develop a broad foundation of critical, practical and theoretical skills at AS, which offers learners a holistic understanding of a range of practices and contexts in the visual arts, crafts and design fields, culminating in greater specialism and achievement at A level.

The Eduqas AS Art and Design Specimen Assessment Materials and A Level Art and Design Specimen Assessment Materials (SAM) documents describe the assessment of the one component,  Personal Creative Enquiry, for AS, and two component, Personal Investigation and Externally Set Assignment, for A Level. The SAM sets out:

  • a mark scheme for the one component AS, Personal Creative Enquiry
  • a mark scheme for A Level Component  1, the Personal Investigation
  • a mark scheme for A Level Component  2, the Externally Set Assignment
  • an example of A level Component  2, the Externally Set Assignment and its associated mark scheme;
  • indicative content which relates to submissions for AS and A Level Components.

The Teachers’ Guide for the Eduqas  AS/A Level for teaching from 2015 aims to offer support to teachers in delivery of the new specification and guidance as to the requirements of the qualification and the assessment process. It is not intended as a comprehensive reference, but as support for teachers to develop stimulating and exciting courses tailored to the needs and skills of students in their particular institutions. It includes advice on good teaching and learning, assessment objective checklists, indicative content for each title, changes from previous specifications, advice on drawing and extended writing and the answers to the most frequently asked questions