The WJEC website has been restructured and redesigned to enhance accessibility, usability and ease of navigation. A focus has been placed on subject and qualification resources, and an attempt has been made to cross-reference items of related interest.

Information relating to all available subjects and qualifications can be quickly accessed by using the subject and level drop-down menus on the home page. A “landing page” has been created for every subject, qualification and subject/level combination.

Each “landing page” will contain links to related documents, professional development courses, news items and items available in the shop.

In addition, content has been categorised to cater for different audiences – the always-visible top-level navigation bar has links to sections for Examiners, Exam Officers and Students and Parents.

A search engine will be accessible from every page on the website.

In accordance with the WJEC’s Welsh Language Scheme, members of the public will have access to the information on the WJEC website, in Welsh and English. Click on the English or Cymraeg link on every page to view the equivalent page in English or Welsh.

If you have any enquiries about the content of subject pages, please use the Subject Contacts list to direct your query to the relevant subject department.

If you have any comments or enquiries relating to the use of the website, please email